The Great Resignation: Why Millions Have Already Quit Their Jobs

At the end of April 2021, I joined what’s now been deemed “The Great Resignation”. I left my corporate job after working remotely for over a year, spending more time with my family, and realizing I can’t go back to the office or be on the road constantly. The transition to remote work, due to COVID, sparked a new fire in me to find the end of the maze. After much deep thought and reflection, the concept of having my own recruiting firm is now a reality. I’m finally able to help people find the jobs and careers they desire and assist employers in filling positions that have been challenging to find candidates for. It’s a win-win-win situation, which is not only rewarding, but fulfilling.

And I’m far from the only one. In my new career, I’ve seen countless others leaving their long-held professions for new aspirations. The changes over the last year, spurred by the pandemic, have reinvigorated people’s desire to make their family and happiness a priority, back in their rightful place. Let’s look at the Great Resignation and see why so many have opted for a proper work-life balance.

  1. Remote work has changed the way people think about jobs and careers

Over the past 18 months, work has changed. Before the Great Resignation occurred, there was a great migration to remote work. This changed the way people thought about where and when they were working. Today, employees crave flexibility because they’ve experienced the benefits of the home office. They want more time to spend with their families, work for whomever they wish, and see the beauty of the world versus the inside of an office.

If an employer isn’t flexible in their business practices, an individual may decide to part with their employer rather than forsake their other priorities. More people are now looking for employment with companies who are in alignment with their personal values, rather than subjecting themselves and their families to the will of the employer.

2. Work is no longer about just paying the bills

Prior to COVID, employees prioritized work over their families and home life. Many hadn’t realized the importance of quality time with their children and loved ones or sometimes just simply being available at home. Employers in a way, had the upper hand in knowing many of their employees were loyal to a fault. Overtime was welcomed and rarely questioned or disputed. Family obligations and commitments were placed on the back burner making a work-life balance just a theory and not a practice.

Employees who are now working remotely seem to have had a wake-up call and become enlightened to a new way of thinking. The veil has been lifted, revealing a much happier and balanced lifestyle. Work is now second fiddle to family and personal priorities they had once neglected. Time management is now much more reasonable, with a clearer perspective on how much time and effort is necessary to get the job done. The previous imbalance of spending 10-plus hours away from home per day, leading to damaging levels of stress and fatigue, is now managed by the comfort of the home office. It’s truly simple, balance is everything.  

3. The pandemic introduces new stress to jobs

In the Spring of 2021, more than 740,000 of the workers who quit during the Great Resignation were in the leisure and hospitality industry. This includes jobs in hotels, bars, restaurants, theme parks, and other entertainment venues. Work in these industries had become extremely stressful with having to enforce restrictions and regulations regarding safe pandemic practices as well as keeping themselves and their families safe from COVID.

While this industry is just one example, the enlightenment to a new workplace “norm” has become a global phenomenon. The drive to alleviate themselves of unnecessary stress and keep from getting burnt out on the job has left a great void in many industries across the board but has also inspired and brought many opportunities into full bloom. Analyze for yourself, where you’re the happiest and with whom. We all need our loved ones, and they need us. If your situation isn’t ideal, I encourage you to take a leap of faith in full confidence, knowing that any desire to be happy in life is no futile attempt.

Final thoughts

COVID has drastically impacted the job market. If you’re ready to give your 2 weeks’ notice and find a job that’s truly fulfilling to you, get in contact with us to see how we can help you. Whether you’re an employer looking to fill an opening or searching for your next career opportunity, we’re here for you!

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